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    Providing the best in answering services to represent your business since 1975. Our combination of account customization, comprehensive training and award winning service make us the best choice.  We push the boundaries to exceed  your expectations. 

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    Meet the passionate recyclers & renderers of Darling International, Inc. Personalized Communications has been providing after hours emergency dispatch for Darling International since 2004.

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    With everything from our live telephone answering service and help desk to our web-enabled technology we can accommodate your company’s needs by customizing a package to your exact specifications.

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Personalized Communications

Texas, Huge Cities — Limitless Business

Dallas is a huge city of hundreds and thousands, and businesses can truly thrive there. Your business can thrive too, but that’s true only if you have the proper individuals to pick up your phone. If no one picks up at all, your business is bound to fail. It’s bound to fail if the wrong people answer your phone as well. You need kind, knowledgeable individuals to manage your phones. That first greeting with potential customers is of the utmost importance. That’s what we offer at Personalized Communications. We are entirely based in the U.S. and provide the best answering service in the state of Texas to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. See what we have to offer.

We Pick Up for You

Our customer service team is there for you. At Personalized Communications, we have an entire staff of people who have been trained to answer your phones. With decades of experience under our belts, it’s no surprise that we’re widely known as the best in the business when it comes to Texas answering services.

Answering Service

Rely on Personalized Communications, the best answering service for Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Our 24 hour answering service team will work with your team to ensure that you will:

  • Get your calls answered
  • Get an office receptionist
  • Get dispatch solutions
  • And more!

With award-winning technology, we will ensure that we will personalize your account to help you fit your business goals.

Call Center

No matter the type of industry you are in, we offer the most progressive answering service solutions in the business. Whether you need catalog sales, help desk support, or web-based customer service, we can help your business today.

Professional and Courteous

All of our answering services are operated by extremely qualified individuals. The 24 hour service team will work with all of your employees to ensure that you have an office receptionist, find dispatch solutions, get all of your calls responded to and more. We take pride in our abilities to answer any and all questions and concerns, and we’re always there for your customers. We’re always there for you too!

Trust the Experts

At Personalized Communications, we have more than 30 years of expertise in providing answering services to Texas’s metropolitan cities, so we know what we’re doing. We’ve been in business since 1975! Not every company can say that. We pride ourselves on a combination of comprehensive training, account customization and award winning service. All of those reasons are why we’re the best choice for your answering service. You also have a money back guarantee, so if for any reason you are not satisfied, you have something to fall back on. The setup with Personalized Communications is easy and fast. Call us today to talk about your business’s needs and to set up a consultation appointment.

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