Outstanding Service

atsi 2012Personalized Communications  has been honored with the exclusive Sapphire Award for Nine Years of Excellence by the Association of TeleServices International (ATSI), the industry's largest trade association for providers of call center and telephone answering services.

The telephone answering service industry has matured in communications technology and sophisticated consumers. Bureaus now must face the realization that they are already in a niche market for the consumer who requires live operator services. With competition from virtually every angle, only the best service will keep the consumer happy and loyal. While most bureaus in the industry most certainly provide good service, we are searching for that which goes beyond. The cut above will be rewarded with our coveted Award of Excellence. Here is how we determine that level.

Our Description of Excellent Service

Excellence requires a level of service that considers the caller first in every aspect of the call. Excellence makes a caller believe they are the most important person (or their problem is the most important consideration) to your operator/telereceptionist. How the operator handles every call, from beginning to end determines the success of your client relationship and the level of repeat business. No matter what is happening at your bureau on any given day, the caller should never feel your operator is too busy to give them the best service.

Independent judges are contracted by ATSI to evaluate message services throughout the United States over a six month period. The criterion for scoring includes: courtesy, response time, accuracy and overall service to their clients. If the company scores 80% or better in ALL categories, they are presented with the coveted Award of Excellence.

The Association of TeleServices International was founded in 1942 as a national trade association representing live answering services. ATSI now encompasses companies across the United States offering specialized and enhanced operator based services including: call centers, contact centers, inbound telemarketing (order entry), paging, voice messaging, emergency dispatch, fax and internet services among others.

For more information about the Association of TeleServices International, visit: http://www.atsi.org

Outstanding Service

atsi 2012

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