Technology changes but people have not

There are so many inventions today, technologies to embrace, and their capabilities are staggering.  Who would have thought even 10 years ago that a phone could be so small, take pictures and have internet access.  And with GPS, it is difficult for one to get lost.  These are all common now, not even the newest choice to get excited about.  Businesses today must have websites in order to compete, and they have not replaced all staff with technology but the staff of today looks different.  They are more focused on how to use the available technology and can more readily control their time without interruptions. 

That said while the world is a different place now, people have not basically changed.  They want information now, and while those websites have been wonderfully accessible anytime someone wants information it is not always found.   Live chat has become a necessity for both sales and service companies because that thirst for immediate answers is high on the list for your prospects.  Identifying the specific capabilities necessary to address these requests in a timely manner  makes a difference in the perception of your company.  If that person cannot find the answer on your site, or get an answer to their chat concern, or a reply to an email they will move on to a business that will immediately respond.  There are lots of competitors just waiting for that business to make contact and will be pleased to serve them.  We have been a central figure in the success of businesses both big and small in size  by providing that human contact when needed.  Our updated technology keeps up with the times as well as the training of our staff to utilize them for your  benefit. Remember if the prospect cannot find the information they want right now they will move on to where they can get the answers when they want them.  We are always available.  There is no  time zone barrier, no holiday barrier, even what country or language the person trying to connect speaks is not a barrier for us.  The use of technology has made a big difference in growth, advertising and general practices but people still need to be able to connect with human beings.  Connect with us for more information on how we can impact your bottom line favorably.

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Comment line, expanding client satisfaction

How do you verify your customer satisfaction?  Having an independent outside organization collect feedback is a positive way to motivate your in-house staff.  While we answer ‘complaint lines’ for some customers, we find that the ‘comment lines’ we offer with both live agents or a voice mail that will relay to an email have been most effective in encouraging co-workers that their actions are in a positive direction, satisfied with their work and that their business will succeed.  In a slow economy this builds morale, gives comments that no one can dispute since it is gathered by folks that have no ‘skin in the game’.  Sometimes a comment has a suggestion is applicable for improvement that will lead to further growth of the company.  If you have not thought about having an independent comment line to learn what the perception is of your business then it is time to give it a try.  Lots of choices of how it can work best for you and it can be a temporary campaign or a permanent one. 

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How to improve our customers experience

Being a good listener, getting the message right and conveying it is what an answering service does.  Improving the customer’s experience takes a step further but starts out the same.  We have to listen to them to know what is their priority and their preference in how to receive any data collected on their behalf.  There is an art to this process because no two customers are exactly alike.  For that matter no two caller’s are alike either so the variables need to be notated and the contact experience worked differently.  Brief example: one client wants us to be totally professional and just ask a series of questions, then immediately email the information.  Another client believes it most important that we are ‘friendly’ over the phone even to the extent of allowing the call a small additional bit of time just so the caller does not feel rushed.  Then when collected that data is sent via text immediately at the conclusion of the call.  Their belief is that if the caller is not rushed, but contacted quickly after the initial call they will believe their call/business is important to this client of ours.  Improving the customer experience is being willing to follow that leadership role presented to us.  We are good at serving others in the manner they direct.  Experience what our customers do, give us a try!

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Congratulations are in order

You did it!  You got the new product launched, awarded by the community for your stellar business accomplishments, set new hours for your clients or other notifications that have made folks look up at you and take new notice.  Now how do you handle that business or the changes to your business and time concentrated on it.  A contact center that handles order taking services is the best method for seamless handling of those customer interactions.  Have you thought about how to get the most of all this positive communications?  Let us show you the options available and see the solutions that fit you for now.  Congratulations are in order.

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Phone Pro smiles are worh a lot more than first thought.

On the telephone a smiling voice you hear that can give you the confidence that the person you are speaking with is interested in what you have to say and will be invested enough to convey your message appropriately.  It amazes me how many callers here at the contact center will want to know who they are speaking with.  Then they often compliment them on their professionalism.  We can list the phone agents that have had so many compliments that we could fill a wall with their awards!  This is a great team. 

That  is what we do when for over a decade now we have posted our highly prized competitive awards for a staff that handles all types of communications well.  No matter if technical support, product ordering, shipment tracking, appointment setting or other specific specialty call they do it will and stay engaged in your concerns.  If the impression folks get of your company based on their call experience is anything less, you need to contact us for a free discussion regarding what can be done to get you a phone pro smile ready for your callers.

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Social media has an important place in every business today

Never gave much thought to how Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and other social media would benefit a business other than the marketing efforts made and a method of contact until a posting on LinkedIn regarding a work anniversary had many people posting messages of congratulations and asking for a personal update.   People find you, did business with you or wanted to and lost contact………….then the social media became a great place to find one another once more.  In reality, just to address all those commenters it will take some time and effort sorting through those contacts.  Why not have a service like  ours do that for you.  You provide the parameters and we can follow them.  This frees up your time inexpensively and allows your ‘lost contacts’ to re-engage.  New ideas can be fine tuned as the process continues.  Call our sales department and inquire.  Social Media is more valuable to every business when it can be responded to easily.

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What response do you get when a customer cancels?

Reading about a cancellation of an account that has been with us for an extended number of years is hard because it is like losing a cousin or other family member.  This particular cancellation had a lot of praise regarding how we handled their account beautifully and that they stayed with us because of the detailed way we took take of them.  In particular one team member they enjoyed working with made them happy to be with our agency.  Sad because they were retiring and selling off the business and had no need for us anymore.  The fact is we hope they stay in touch anyway because we will care about them and want updates regarding their new life.  What happens to the business?  We can hope the new owners will want us to care for them as well because we do become attached and feel that ‘our customers business is ours to take care of.  Do you have a service that provides that same attitude of ownership and thought?  If not contact us you may be surprised at what we provide.

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Off site reception, a great solution for many enterprises

Having a call answered quickly and issues resolved at the first contact most of the time is the ultimate goal of most businesses.  Having off site receptionists answering those calls has proven to be faster and frankly a great solution rather than interrupting the on site work force from the task at hand.  Depending on how you instruct your account to be set up, the caller does not even have to know they are speaking with the service partner.  As long as the caller is taken care of in a satisfactory manner and their needs are expedited the off site receptionist has increased this business workforce when needed.  That makes an off site receptionist capabilities invaluable. 

Of course we do have some clients that prefer their callers know we are the service and we can easily acknowledge that fact if instructed.  Either way works well depending on the ultimate goal you have set.  Have you thought of what your company’s ultimate goals are lately regarding communications?  This would be a great time to discuss with us because we have so many choices to offer you.  I am sure we have what works best for you- it is only a matter of exploring the options.  We pride ourselves in having great solutions for many different enterprises.

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Is an adjustment needed? We can help

We are about to enter the second quarter now.  This year of 2014 is fully engaged in activities planned for our business.  However there are always some obstacles none of us could have predicted  ahead of time like how brutal this winter has been and its affect on businesses all over the country.  Does this mean you need to make some adjustment to your already planned efforts?  If you think some adjustments are in order give some thought to a ‘parallel’ campaign.  One where you have made some changes but the respondent has to take action differently.  Call, or chat, or just access the website with a different form is often helpful.  It gives you the level of interest the person is willing to put in to participate in your offer.  This type of gathered data will give you a good idea of what efforts will give you the highest yield.  Need some help setting up an adjusted plan?  Let us know we are experienced in great communications.

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Limited time, special offers, marketing campaigns and more

Utilizing a contact center for special activities is more than just gathering RSVP’s for events being held.  It also has to do with specific marketing campaigns that perhaps require a different phone number to contact, or special information gathered to ‘qualify’ the prospect.  In other cases special offers often limited will require a ‘time stamp’ for entry, or an outside party to assist  due to staffing limitations that can carry the weight of the additional response anticipated.  All of these events require action and often not from the full time company staff due to the boundaries of expectations on response. 

Do you need to hear what your callers are saying?  Having recordings of those calls can be invaluable for the next strategic move in your business growth efforts.  The capability to work on these issues full time, overflow time, or for a limited time are all possibilities at the contact center. Our staff works diligently to provide whatever personalized communications are needed to reach your goals.   If you have something different you are trying out to expand then a call center is the best place to test that plans worth.  Professionals handling those contacts will learn quickly if there is some missing information needed to close more deals, to enroll more people, to make the enticement of the marketing offer a good one in the ears of the listener.  Of course we can provide feedback once we have worked the calls for a bit of time.  Give it some thought and then speak to us about it.  We have been handling these types of situations for over a quarter century so our award winning experience does shine through.

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Are you getting the answers you want when asking the question?

All the ‘message tickets’ we have programmed for our clients have us asking particular questions to capture the reason for the call and details our client needs to respond in the most suitable manner.  Most of the time the questions are to the point specifically to keep control of the call time.  This proves to be a valuable asset for many of our customers.  However there are some customers that really are not getting the information they need to process the callers request.  They need some ‘open ended’ questions so that the caller can be more descriptive.  The answers to those questions give the key to our clients requirements.  The truth is that for every different enterprise, there is a somewhat different best method to process calls.

That is why both custom programming and agent training on an account are of prime importance.  No ‘cookie cutter’ clients here.  More often we are hearing that callers would like their call content to be resolved when they initially make the call rather than leave a message and await for response at a later time.  That is not always possible to do with each business.  Getting  detailed answers to their request often that it can be done at the time rather than message taking.  Documentation of the call record is still there for our customer but they do not have to make call backs for many that come into our live answering service.  That leads to my last point.  If we are able to get the answers you want when asking questions, then able to respond appropriately you have still saved money on the cost of having a service take your call, and you have gained a lot of customer satisfaction because they did not have to wait for a call back wouldn’t you consider that a winning method of processing those contacts?  Times have changed, customer expectations have also changed.  Many of those changes simply prove to be a better method of doing business. Something to ponder, and consider regarding your account.

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