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Darling International

The Darling family began their rendering operations in the mid-1800’s in the Chicago Stockyards to address the needs of the meat packing industry. In those days, the animal by-products were used in fertilizers, tallow, wax and many other useful household items. Today, those same by-products are used in jet fuel, tires and other commercial products!

Darling offers national services as well as services in Mexico. They have one of the best equipped and staffed analytical lab in the rendering business and exports approximately 30% of the products they produce such as tallow, meat and bone meal and yellow grease which is sold to enhance the fat in poultry and hog feeds. In addition, that grease will be used in bio-fuels and green diesel.

Darling is paving the way to develop sustainable recycling solutions that will help save our planet by working with universities and governmental agencies to develop new and innovative applications for its recycled materials.

Personalized Communications has been providing after hours emergency dispatch for Darling International since 2004. With their customized script, our agents are seamlessly able to screen the call with questions appropriate to the conversation. Based on the information provided by the caller and the criteria set by Darling, we deliver only those messages that need an immediate response.

Today, Darling still services the meat packing industry as well as offer grease trap and cooking oil removal services for restaurants keeping them compliant with local, state and Federal environmental guidelines.

Darling International was green when green was just a color and they will continue to reduce the carbon footprint one step at a time!

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