Personalized Communications has a number of appealing features that makes it easy for businesses of any size to make the most out of our inbound call management service. With our comprehensive answering service solutions, you’ll be able to handle all your inbound calls and continue to generate sales with no hassle. Our professional staff will design a customized package that meets your needs and fits with your company culture.

After evaluating your organization’s specific needs and developing the ideal communications package, you’ll be set up and ready for success. Our well-trained and highly capable staff will continue to provide consistent and efficient service of the highest order. We will work hard to help you to meet the demands of even the highest volume of call center activity.

24/7 Live Services

In today’s global economy coupled with the many time zones in the U.S. alone, it is often important for your calls to be answered 24/7.  The purpose in mind is to grow your company’s client base and retain existing clients that need to speak to someone now.

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Online Account Access

Our answering service offers online access to your account. Here is where our nationally recognized award winning service stands out to your benefit: Messages, Call Detail Report, Recordings, and Web on Call Schedule.

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Automated Upfront Greeting

Automated Upfront Greetings are a great way to help reduce usage and help expedite calls. Before your caller reaches a live agent, an automated message will play providing your caller with instructions and/or information about your business. Greetings may vary depending on the time and day.

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Recorded Calls

Personalized Communications records all incoming and outgoing calls for quality assurance. Other answering services may record their calls at the agent workstation relying on the individual computers which can lead to misplaced recordings if a single component were malfunctioning.

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Bilingual Agents

Personalized Communications understand the importance of diversity in an ever changing world.  Communication between individuals is constantly changing and the need for multi-lingual support is necessary for more businesses every day. 

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Multiple security measures are taken to provide safety to our agents, property and client data. The doors to our building are secured with IEI Access Control keypads. The server room is secured with an Alarm-Lock Access Control keypad.

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Email, Text, & Fax Delivery

In addition to our clients having online access to all data collected, we recognize that all customers have different businesses, different company objectives and different call types.  That equates to a variety of preferences for message delivery.

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Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are readily available for immediate use once your account has been set up. For many businesses in today’s economy, revenue is generated not only from local clientele, but from all over the country.

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Express Call Forward

Do you have to call in to your answering service just to check and be sure your phone is forwarded properly?  Those days of waiting are gone.  Personalized Communications sets up your account with Express Call Forwarding. 

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Voicemail is a very inexpensive way to communicate when you are not available.  In today's marketplace other inexpensive methods of information sharing include email and text messaging. However they both miss the mark without the sound of a person which is the best way to establish and maintain business relationships.

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Live Message Delivery

Getting your message via email, fax and text are always convenient. But no business can rely solely on these options as the only form of making sure that an important message is received.

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Web on Call Schedule

Web on call scheduling is one of the most convenient methods of keeping track of time and resources.  The best part is you can access our web on call schedule anytime, anywhere you have internet access. Should you need to update or simply view the schedule, all it takes is computer access and the login to see the calendar. 

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