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Live Message DeliveryGetting your message via email, fax and text are always convenient. But no business can rely solely on these options as the only form of making sure that an important message is received.

Our live dispatchers are here 24/7 to make sure you get the message. Personalized Communications customizes each client’s protocol. Our dispatchers will review the message to make sure it meets your business criteria and handle with care.

Should the message meet your dispatch criteria, we will immediately call you or your on call personnel to deliver the message live.

A phone call can be combined with text or email just as seamlessly. A text message or email is sent immediately to you or your on call person.  Emergency calls that require a follow up will be handled per your instructions.  For example, a typical dispatch scenario would be to send a text message.  If we do not receive confirmation within 15 minutes, we will proceed with a live phone call to ensure the message was received.  If we do not get a response, we will continue to the next step or person per your instructions. 

International calls, sales calls, life-threatening emergency? Live call transfers are also available to get you connected to the caller immediately without having to play phone tag. Our live agent will screen the call and connect them to the appropriate number.

Personalized Communications experience and longevity within the answering service industry will help you stay ahead of your competition. Call us today to learn how we put together a custom package to meet your goals.

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