altMultiple security measures are taken to provide safety for our agents, property and client data. The doors to our building are secured with IEI Access Control keypads. The server room is secured with an Alarm-Lock Access Control keypad. Surveillance systems with both interior and exterior cameras further our commitment to the security of Personalized Communications.


In addition to a double WAN router, we use a cloned backup with redundant internet connections to support the security of our DSL 24x3 and cable 20x1.5. Moreover, we vigorously protect our network and your customer information through a sophisticated mix of a gateway, anti-virus protection, and intrusion protection.

Telephony Switch

We utilize an Infinity switch, manufactured by AMTELCO, to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. The system also includes a call distribution system that automatically provides our agents with relevant information; this information is based on customer accounts and is displayed via screen pop architecture.

Phone Service

In order to deliver 99.99% uptime, Personalized Communications uses a high capacity T1 service and two different phone service providers. The commercial level service agreement with these phone services allows us to continually ensure that we always provide consistency and availability for all of our customers.


We know that an uninterrupted power supply is crucial to our ability to deliver excellent call center service. Because of that, Personalized Communications maintains redundant power systems that serve to ensure ongoing service. We use a load-balanced UPS system that will continue to power our server room and operations center, even in the event of a power outage. Additionally, we have a natural gas generator that operates in conjunction with the UPS system as a second backup.

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