VoicemailVoicemail is a very inexpensive way to communicate when you are not available.  In today's marketplace other inexpensive methods of information sharing include email and text messaging. However they both miss the mark without the sound of a person which is the best way to establish and maintain business relationships.

Never miss a call again!  Don't lose customers after your business hours.  In our global economy readiness 24 hours a day is needed.  You have the potential to increase your bottom line, help to acquire new customers and assist existing ones when staff members are away or already on the telephone. A voicemail option may just be the solution to effectively handle the telephone requests and manage staff time more efficiently while you grow your business.

Giving callers a choice of a live answer or a voicemail gives them control of when and how they convey information to you.  If it is private or proprietary they have the confidence that the voicemail will give you the opportunity to state the information you want to convey without giving up any company secrets.  Our answering service is a vital point of contact for your customers.

We offer a variety of ways for you to take advantage of our voicemail system to meet your caller’s needs.

  • Private voice messages trigger notification to your mobile device letting you know you have a new message for immediate response to reduce wasted time playing phone tag.
  • Voicemail features offer more time to leave a detailed message unlike the typical answering machine which limits the length of the recording.
  • Receive messages from any telephone at any time.
  • Our voicemail has the flexibility to be set up to accommodate different situations.  An example would be multiple voicemail boxes for different people or departments with message delivery options different for each inbox. 
  • Receive these recordings on your email and then save, forward or delete as required.
  • Screen unwanted calls and save time to increase efficiency.
  • Scripted voicemail gives you exactly what you need question by question.

Now while our telephone answering service have the latest and greatest in voicemail systems ready to assist your business, keep in mind that the best possible situation is to have most calls answered live and give the caller the option to leave a message with the off-site receptionist or be transferred into your voicemail box. 

Our flexibility is so great that can also incorporate an automated greeting with the choice of press options directing the caller to the appropriate extension or a live agent. It’s all about the set up that works best for you and your clients. After all we are Personalized Communications – here to provide solutions to meet you and help grow your business together.

Call or email us today and see what plan best fits your business model.

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