Personalized Communications, Inc. serves many top industry clients with their answering service needs:

Ad Agency

We have years of experience with ad agencies nationwide. They bring us their test market events and we handle calls while providing recordings as well as specialized reports for great feedback.

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In our host of experiences we have learned that the law office needs for an answering service vary greatly. Much depends on the specialty of the practice. All require some level of assistance to answer phones when the front desk is not covered.

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Alarm Company

Know that with the systems we have in place, your call will always be answered. Our back up gas powered generator does not allow for any interruption in service even when nature has a different direction at the moment. Every alarm call is handled by the protocol your company sets

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Service Company

For many years service companies have been the staple of the answering service industry. Personalized Communications has changed to adapt to their needs because we too are a service company and realize the importance of great service starting with the first contact!

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Catalog Merchandise

When you have potential buyers interest, don’t lose them due to limited hours or not enough phone representative. No matter how great the internet has become to receive orders for products and even provide a level of customer service, there is still a need for a live person to assist your buyers.

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Real Estate

These needs can truly vary. From appointment setting to show homes and notifying sellers that someone is coming to view their property, to the needs for commercial building tenants or apartment dwellers requesting general and emergency maintenance, the staff at Personalized Communications have taken these calls for over a quarter of a century.

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Government Services

Government offices have very specific guidelines involved that are not part of traditional business requirements. At Personalized Communications we have successfully worked with government at city, state and federal levels. Each account has different objectives and desired varied outcomes.

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With the changing needs of technology and customer demands, many technical companies cannot afford to be without a live service around the clock. Personalized Communications offers a cost effective solution for the “24/7/365 support” dilemma.

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Personalized Communications has been providing medical answering services to dentists, family practices, home health care, hospice, pharmacies and medical specialists since 1975. A live person, able to discern the level of immediate response is necessary for anyone in the medical industry.

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Are you a pick- up and delivery service? Need a cab? A limo scheduled for a special event? The experience Personalized Communications has had with these types of calls allows us to process them seamlessly for our clients. We have even handled calls that needed a truck at a mile marker somewhere, anywhere in the U.S.

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We have been invaluable to many insurance companies small and large. Because each of their requirements is different, we are able to be perceived well as part of their companies.

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...Much More...

With entrepreneurs engaging in new ideas every day the need for a specialized answering service that will reflect your wishes and help you assist callers is a very big asset in designing a service to fit your needs. We take pride in doing just that for many unique concerns and would hope you will consider us now.

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