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Know that with the systems we have in place, your call will always be answered. Our back up gas powered generator does not allow for any interruption in service even when nature has a different direction at the moment. Every alarm call is handled by the protocol your company sets so that we provide a seamless answer with escalation in the same way you would handle it if you were taking each of these calls yourself.

Alarms range from machine or system malfunctions to elevator calls. Once received, we relay that data to the on call person per your instructions. Our answering service intercepts both automated email notifications as well as automated calls.

Give yourself and your clients’ peace of mind.

  • Alarm Monitoring and Notifications
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Live Agents 24/7
  • Web On Call Schedule

We recognize your needs can be very different. Contact us to discuss how we can personalize your specific alarm requirements.

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