We have been invaluable to many insurance companies small and large. Because each of their requirements is different, we are able to be perceived well as part of their companies.

How have we been of assistance for this industry? Here are a few of the many examples why Personalized Communications is the experienced option you have to choose from. Our dynamic scripting software has allowed our call center agent to assist customers and advise them of the following.  

  • What steps they need to take.
  • Where to take their automobile.
  • When/How authorization will take place.
  • General terms regarding Medicare enrollment timeline.
  • Benefits of credit insurance.

Our answering service offers live agents 24/7 to help your customers with the initial claims processing and even escalate urgent or emergency calls to your on call adjuster.

We are not insurance agents but we can address specific concerns, contact the experts for follow up and provide a method of getting your clients a level of assistance that allow you to handle most of your business activity without constant interruption. Whether you need full time, overflow help or after hours response, Personalized Communications is ready to take the call.

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