In our host of experiences we have learned that the law office needs for an answering service vary greatly. Much depends on the specialty of the practice. All require some level of assistance to answer phones when the front desk is not covered.

Our call handling software allows us to guide the agent with questions and answers to verify eligibility for a class action suit. Other legal practices require dispatch after every call for new clients. And if a new or existing client is in jail, many require us to connect the caller directly to them for immediate action.

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Email, Text or Fax Delivery
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Live Message Delivery
  • Out of Office Receptionist

You tell us what results you want in the way calls to your business are answered and we will set up the account to meet your goals. Let us know some of the specifics and we will get a proposal to you right away.

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