Personalized Communications has been providing medical answering services to dentists, family practices, home health care, hospice, pharmacies and medical specialists since 1975. Having a professional on board who can answer calls promptly and discern the level of immediate response required is essential for anyone in a business related to the medical industry.

HIPAA Compliance

Patient confidentiality is vital for any medical office. At Personal Communications, we understand the importance of protecting your patient information and remaining HIPAA compliant. Every medical answering service team member goes through HIPAA training and completes a confidentiality agreement to ensure your patient’s privacy.


Do you need someone to answer calls during the day, while you are at lunch, in a meeting or hosting an office event? Regardless of the time of day, our agents can provide the medical answering service that will allow you to maintain a consistent level of quality care.

Appointment Scheduling

Using an online-based calendar, we will schedule, reschedule or help patients confirm their next appointment.


Count on Personalized Communications to handle all calls appropriately.

True emergencies are escalated for relay, while non-urgent calls are dealt with accordingly. We combine a variety of options to convey each of your messages when you desire. Whether you prefer a live phone call or a text message, our live dispatchers will assess each incoming call based on your criteria, and then deliver the message accordingly.

Automated Upfront Greeting

Take advantage of our automated upfront greeting to screen non-emergency calls after business hours.

This is a great way to help reduce usage and manage multiple priorities.


Access and update your on-call schedule anywhere you have Internet access.

Contact us and we’ll help you determine the best protocol for your practice.

Outstanding Service

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