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For many years service companies have been the staple of the answering service industry. Personalized Communications has changed to adapt to their needs because we too are a service company and realize the importance of great service starting with the first contact!

It is no longer good enough to just schedule an appointment with the plumber, electrician, landscaper, carpet cleaner, roofer, elevator company, etc. We schedule service appointments, contact your customer, dispatch anytime your instructions say to do so.

For many service companies, 24 hour service is a requirement to keep up with the competition. Our agents are highly experienced to handle all types of calls and will collect the information necessary for your technician to be ready for the job. We have live dispatchers available 24/7 to relay emergency service calls to your specification, including a live phone call, text message and email delivery options. No matter what type of service your company provides, we will program a set of instructions as unique as your business.

Our technology will also allow us to schedule the nearest person able to handle the service requested.

Great service is what keeps your customers, gives you referrals and brings profits to your bottom line. We can make that happen by having your customers experience a good rapport on that first call or web request for assistance.  

Contact us today to discuss the many options we know work well for our service industry clients.

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