With the changing needs of technology and customer demands, many technical companies cannot afford to be without a live service around the clock. Personalized Communications offers a cost effective solution for the “24/7/365 support” dilemma.

Have our professional agent answer your lines all day or after hours. The choice is yours. We screen calls for a variety of companies who are contracted with high profile clients to make sure important or urgent messages are always delivered.

We are your solution for 24/7 alarm monitoring. Whether it is with a phone call or automated email notification from your system, our agents and dispatchers take great care in delivering the information.

Personalized Communications provides the best in answering services. Dynamic scripting allows us to guide our agents with appropriate verbiage to capture the right information your technician needs to resolve the ticket. Emergency dispatch options are set to your specification. You dictate the combination of live delivery, text message and email options to fit your response time.

Call or email us to learn more about how you can give your business a competitive edge.

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