For over 30 years, Personalized Communications has been offering dynamic telecommunications outsourcing solutions for organizations of all kinds. Our experience and expertise over the decades have enabled us to emerge as a leader in the telecommunications industry.

Our professional and highly capable staff is excited to develop a customized program that is precisely suited to your organization’s needs. Personalized Communications offers a wide range of options that can help any company easily incorporate answering center outsourcing services into their operation. In addition to live telephone answering, we provide voicemail transcriptions, dealer locating, paging, and a variety of voicemail-related services. Here is an overview of some of our main offerings:

Alarm Monitoring & Notification

Expecting you to be available 24/7 to receive urgent system notifications is often easier said than done. Automated system notifications via email are often unseen until the next day.

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Emergency Dispatch

Many industries have no choice but to function around the clock. Oftentimes disasters and urgent matters happen when least expected and at any hour. Many businesses are equipped to handle such situations at full capacity during their normal business hours, however, after hours is a totally different situation.

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Answering Service

We make your business our business. At Personalized Communications we work for a variety of clients that want their telephones answered professionally. Our team works to serve your needs seamlessly.

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Employee Screening

When a business needs to screen employees it can rob time away from immediate bottom line tasks. Over the years Personalized Communications has worked with our clients to set up a screening system that is based on criteria provided by you.

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Appointment Confirmation & Scheduling

Don’t have enough staff to handle your appointments? Personalized Communications offers appointment scheduling and appointment confirmation services to help reduce the stress in your office.

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Event Registration

We customize the registration form capturing registration information for your event, payment details for processing and will even generate an outbound call when the event is near to remind the person of their commitment to attend the event. 

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Call Center

Directly connect to your customer based on protocol you set. We offer scripted messaging and integration with various CRM systems such as, Corrigo and Freedom ByDesign.

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Order Entry

Don’t lose another call to limited hours of operation or unavailability. We have comprehensive solutions to fit your company’s specific requirements.

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Customer Support

Customer support is necessary in every business today. Oftentimes it is the link that enhances customer satisfaction. However this terminology is defined very differently depending on who you are and what support you require. Personalized Communications is an expert service in providing a wide base of customer support.

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Out-of-Office Receptionist

With our telephone secretarie you can count on your caller being greeted by a calm, courteous and professional receptionist. Your caller will experience a capable person giving a good first impression of your company. We never call in sick or on vacation.  You always have a receptionist available to assist your business.

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Dealer Locate

Many industries could not function well without a dealer locate feature. They need folks to come to their storefronts. This is particularly true for retail, hotels, insurance companies and more. Those companies offering services that go to the customer utilize our dealer locate to maximize the efficiency of their “on-the-road” service providers and drivers.

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Personal voice and concern for the experience your client has had with your service or product gives you the best information in how to proceed in growing your business. With heavy competition today it is important to know what you’re customers are saying about your business.

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