Emergency Dispatch

Emergency DispatchMany industries have no choice but to function around the clock. Oftentimes disasters and urgent matters happen when least expected and at any hour. Many businesses are equipped to handle such situations at full capacity during their normal business hours, however, after hours is a totally different situation.

Many companies opt to have a single person be responsible for their calls which is more often an inconvenient solution. What do you do when that on call person is on a job, in a movie, at a birthday party, have left their phone in the car or asleep?

A professional presence of a person ready to take down your customer’s information is valuable to your brand and image. Our agents are always available to ensure proper and rapid response of your time sensitive messages.

Custom solutions for your industry are created to seamlessly blend our services to your company’s procedures. Personalized Communications will create a dispatch protocol dictated by your priorities. Our dispatcher will direct the message to your vendor and personnel along with escalation as needed.

We offer a variety of methods to relay information as you see fit.

  • Live Phone Call
  • SMS/Text Message 
  • Digital Pager

Each step taken to relay your message is documented. Online access to your call details are available to view our notes and documented response time and other general call information.

Give your customers and yourself peace of mind. Our answering service provides cost effective solutions to a 24/7/365 requirement. Contact us today for more information on how we can help!

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