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ReceptionistWith our telephone secretaries you can count on your caller being greeted by a calm, courteous and professional receptionist. Your caller will experience a capable person giving a good first impression of your company. We never call in sick or on vacation.  You always have a receptionist available to assist your business.

Missed calls equal lost business. Can you afford to lose a call?  Make a great first impression with our live answering service.  Most first time callers to a business will hang up if they get a voice mail rather than a person...that first contact needs to make a good strong impression and our executive phone agents will be the well trained, telephone professional communicator that lends a great impression and will benefit your business.

Our receptionists are courteous and will handle all calls with tact and diplomacy.  This is considered an asset to every company's business image.  Let us improve yours!

Our off site receptionists can do more than take a message.

You provide the parameters and we act as your 'gatekeeper' with call screening allowing seamless transfer of calls you want to take. Put the caller into a voicemail box for those calls you do not want to speak with at the time they come into the office.  We can even notify you that a voicemail message was just left for you!

Depending on the information you give us we can address simple caller questions about your company's products or services, schedule appointments on a joint-web based calendar, make appointment reminder calls as directed and take an order from a caller. 

Cost of on off-site receptionist is often about 20% of what a full time employee on site would cost and we are available 24/7 at no additional cost to you. We improve your bottom line and give you time to focus on your core business.

Our answering service is also a great back up to your on-site staff for breaks, lunch, vacations and when more calls come in at one time than a person can handle.  We are the answer for many small to medium size businesses to handle all incoming calls! We take care of the overflow and relief calls for larger businesses.  You tell us what you require and we will personalize the account to your specific criteria.

These services are cost effective and bring profits to your bottom line.  You pay for the live agent time you use. Save time and money, we provide support whenever you need it.

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