SurveyPersonal voice and concern for the experience your client has had with your service or product gives you the best information in how to proceed in growing your business. With heavy competition today it is important to know what you’re customers are saying about your business. There is no better way than to have a third party ask and ferret out the answers to questions you have. We have been doing customer service surveys for a long time and can provide reporting that will give you details of what your customer thinks, and the recordings to hear them yourselves. The one-on-one telephone conversations seem to give more detail after the fact with satisfaction level from focus groups. These results help best determine what the customer expects prior to product or service delivery. This is invaluable to your position in the marketplace.

Need to better understand what your customer wants in this business climate?  What you ask and how you ask them is important.  We can help you keep a step ahead of your competition with specific surveys to meet your needs.

We handle these calls with a mix of professionalism and inquisitiveness thus inviting your customers to share their opinion with you.  A call center survey can avoid the 'incomplete survey' syndrome. A personable telephone agent will help you build and maintain long term business relationships and give you areas where action is needed to improve business procedures.

Telephone surveys offer advantages over internet based surveys.  They give respondents the opportunity to give in-depth answers to open ended questions.  You have more control of how the interview is presented and can specify the level of detail desired.  This has proven to be the best method to know how your customer feels about your business, its services, products, billing procedures, etc.

Research through surveys is necessary to enhance the products and services you offer. It assists in identifying both the strengths and weaknesses of your business practices.

Our agents are familiar with a wide variety of inbound surveys that include:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Exit Interviews
  • IT Consumer Satisfaction
  • Best Value Perceptions
  • Recent Trends
  • New Products
  • Association Members

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